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Incidentally, it might be important to mention that I am not a rabbi. Granted that there are certainly more qualified people than me to perform this service, however, since no one else is – I felt it would be appropriate to do such. I have gone through thorough measures to ensure the content is accurate and correct.

For the most part, I have gathered my halacha from an excellent sefer called, “Zot Ha’beracha.” Additionally, I have used Rav Bodner’s “Halachos of Brochos.” I have spoken with tremendous rabbis whenever I have been uncertain, including Rav Willig of YU and Rav Furst of the CRC as well as many other rabbis that I know from yeshiva.

My goal is to provide the Halachot to all those interested. These Halachot are crucial to our everyday living and I believe they should be easily assessable to anyone anytime anyplace.

If you feel any of the content is inaccurate, please send me an email and I’ll try to respond ASAP.



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