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Because Shehakol isn't Good Enough

Often we encounter situations of doubt: What bracha do we say on this?
One bracha or two brochot? What should we do?

More often our solution is Shehakol, “the magical key that never fails.”

While it is partially true that Shehakol can cover any food, Our Rabbis extended this magical key exclusively to those who learn and study the laws of brochot. Whereas if one has not learned the laws and finds himself in doubt – he is told: "Not to make the shehakol, and Not to eat, but rather to go to a rabbi and learn the halachos of brochos." (Mishna Berurah 202:84)

If you take a look at the order of brochot, you'll find Shehokol last on the list of importance. As Shehakol is so broad that it can cover any food, it looses its detail, and hence its power of praise. Our Rabbis consider shehakol a Matir, the bare minimum allowance to partake from Hashem's food - whereas the rest of the brochot are considered Shevach V' Hodah Praise and Thanks (Rav Yonason Sacks)

In this day and age, with the Torah so accessible, there is very little excuse to be ignorant in these areas. So please, explore the site and try to learn a thing or two - because Shehakol simply isn't good enough.



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