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shehakol borei nefashos

  red, white

haadama borei nefashos
raisin haeitz al haeitz
raisin bran (cereal) mezonos al hamichya
raisin bread
  fit to be eaten as bread hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
  fit to be eaten as cake
    without kvias s'udah mezonos al hamichya

    with kvias s'udah

hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
raisin challah (as normally baked for Yom Tov) hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
raisin wine (halachically accepted method) hagofen al hagefen
raspberry haadama borei nefashos
Raw Cookie Dough (Explanation) shehakol borei nefashos
rhubarb haadama borei nefashos

rice, brown

  kernels softened/partially disintegrated mezonos borei nefashos
  kernels are whole haadama borei nefashos
rice, white (whether or not kernels
adhere one to another)
mezonos borei nefashos
rice cakes haadama *17 borei nefashos
rice chex (cereal) mezonos borei nefashos
rice krinkles (cereal) mezonos borei nefashos
rice krispies (cereal) mezonos borei nefashos
rice kugel mezonos borei nefashos
rice pudding mezonos borei nefashos
rice soup (white rice)
  if the rice is the majority mezonos borei nefashos
  if the rice is the minority shehakol borei nefashos *2
rock candy shehakol no bracha *3
roll hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
root beer shehakol borei nefashos
  without kvias sudah mezonos al hamichya
  with kvias sudah hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
rum shehakol no bracha *3
rum balls mezonos al hamichya
rye bread hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
rye crackers
  without kvias s'udah mezonos al hamichya
  with kvias sudah hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
rye (raw, fresh) haadama borei nefashos



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