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Q) What is the appropriate blessing before eating a “tortilla”. I had been using “mine mezonot”, however recently someone pointed out that it really depends on what product was used to make the “tortilla” (corn, wheat, spelt) and the use the “tortilla” is given. For example; used to hold meat and vegetables such as a “taco”, used as a wrap like you would bread for a sandwich, or toasted and used in a soup or salad as you would croutons.

A) This is the 4th question concerning Tortillas so I guess I should probably learn what a tortilla is and explain the issue in depth.

From what I've gathered you can make them from either corn or wheat. either way your are going to grind the corn/wheat into a corn meal/wheat flour and then bake it with water.

If you make it from CORN FLOUR

  • It's going to be shehakol since its been ground and cooked, it loses its ideal brocha.
  • Therefore, a corn tortilla that is filled with meat or vegetables would recieve a single shehakol for the entire thing.
  • If you were to put small pieces into soup, then it would be tofel to the soup and wouln't get any bracha. Simply make a bracha on the soup and it will cover the corn tortilla croutons.

If you make it from WHEAT FLOUR...

(similar to our wrap question - see Discussion)



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